Email your local councillor to Stop the Cuts and Save the Arts

We’re asking you to save the arts and stop the cuts.

Use our easy email tool to send your local councillor a message that you want them to save the arts and stop the cuts. Just type in your postcode and take two minutes to send an email.

The government’s austerity squeeze on council budgets has put arts funding on the chopping board time and again.

Soon, there won’t be any local government arts funding left.

Last year councils invested more than £2 billion in culture and library services in England alone – more than double Arts Council England’s investment. But thanks to austerity and inflation, that’s still 40% less per person than in 2010.

Local council arts budgets are tiny enough as it is. Cutting them won’t solve the funding problems they face, but it will have an outsize impact on the cultural life your family gets to enjoy in your local area.

Times are tough. Budgets are getting squeezed. But we all deserve to access the arts where we live.

We’ve got to draw the line somewhere.

Will you email your local councillor to save the arts and stop the cuts?