Save the Exchange - write to your local councillor

North Tyneside Council has decided to appoint a new commercial operator for the Exchange building in North Shields.

That means a private company will be taking over the space, and the Exchange theatre charity will be evicted by 17 April, reducing the arts and culture availability in North Shields, and depriving Equity members of local work.

Will you write to ALL local councillors asking that they support our campaign and oppose this decision in Council?

This is a purely commercial decision, and does not represent a real investment in the cultural value to the local community. This is a shocking failure of leadership by the Mayor and local council.

We're demanding that Mayor Redfearn and North Tyneside Council ensure there is no sudden eviction and offer support to the Exchange theatre charity to find a new venue, so that it can continue to produce theatre for the local community and provide good quality jobs for local Equity members.

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